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The Best Tennis Racquets To Buy In 2017

Tennis is a sport that requires a combination of talent and good athletic ability. However, to get on top of the game, the player must have the right tennis racquet. In this regard, we have spent hundreds of hours in our research analyzing the best brands. Let me walk you through the best tennis racquets to aid in your purchasing decision.

Top Rated Tennis Racquets Of 2017


Wilson hyper hammer 5.3 strung tennis racquet

This is one of the most reputable brands in the market. It features a grippy string technology that gives a better spin on return shots. Most importantly, it offers a perfect balance of stability and power for defenses. Unlike other racquets in the segment, the stringing is nicely done. When properly used, you don’t need to re-sting it for years to come. Wilson hyper hammer racquet is lauded by many players thanks to the amazing backhand. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced players.

Wilson Tennis Racquet



· Has a large head size that increases the power and control of each swing


· It’s durable


· It’s lightweight


· Comes with a shock dampener




· A cover is not included


Head Liquidmetal 8 Prestrung Tennis Racquet


This racquet is suitable for both intermediate and advanced players. Its slightest swings give visible differences to the user. Best of all, it reduces the vibrations by 30% without dampening the feel. Pre-strung Tennis Racquet is able to maximize every drop of energy delivered by the user thanks to the liquid atomic structure. It’s best suited for players with shorter strokes looking for power.




· It gives the users total control


· It offers unmatched performance compared to other racquets in the segment


· It’s reasonably priced


· It’s lightweight



· It’s not suitable for beginners


Babolat Pure Aero tennis Racquet


This racquet is aimed at delivering powerful spins with an all-around lively feel. It features superior stringing and uses the latest FSI spin technology. This means, you can control the ball quicker in your return shot. It’s suitable for intermediate and advanced level players. As far as the handle grip goes, players can leap the huge benefits of comfort. Furthermore, the string has a lot of bounce back which help users generate little power.




· It comes with amazing aerodynamic that
cuts down the air resistance on every swing


· Offers tremendous stability


· The lightweight feature gives fast swing




· It’s a bit expensive


Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet


This is a very good titanium/graphite tennis racquet. It’s powerful tool for players with medium stroke styles. Young players can use it to generate faster swing speeds. The manufacturer has used brilliant `shock stop’ technology that cuts down on vibration.




· The hand grip is designed for small hands


· Suitable for novice level players when mastering the basics


· It’s lightweight, so players do not tire easily


· It’s stiff and sturdy at the same time




· Does not control the ball fully when swinging


· Not suitable for players with longer swing strokes


You can never go wrong when you purchase any of the above models. These racquets feature advanced technologies, excellent grip size and are reasonably priced. If you are looking for the best racquet, we recommend that you visit the Tennis Racquet Central website as a resource to find quality racquet reviews.