Choosing an Air Mattress

air bed

Air mattresses are nowhere near new, but the trend of using it as a substitute for traditional beds was recent. The shift has a lot to do with the quality of air mattresses in the market right now. Not only are they sturdy and comfortable, they’re also easy to set-up, reasonably priced and can be modified to the preference of any user. Air beds are also far more functional and diverse. There are air beds you can take camping, put in your car and blow right before your guests arrive. For the practical homeowner, this is the perfect investment because, regardless of how, he knows he can use it.

Not all air mattresses are made equal. Some do better at serving a purpose than others, like the best camping air beds are not necessarily the ones recommended for your daily use. To help you choose which one fits you and your lifestyle the best, here’s a guide to choosing an air mattress.

What do you need it for?

The most crucial consideration in picking the right bed is use because there are different recommended air beds for each particular purpose. There are some features that may be integral to the best daily use bed, but not necessarily important for a camping air bed. You decide on the bed’s main purpose and list down what your priority features are. For example, buying for guest rooms might mean opting for a bigger and more deluxe air mattress. Conversely, purchasing one you can use for backpacking means it has to be smaller and easier to carry around. This is why you need to do a bit of research before settling on buying one.

How much space do you have?

Regardless of whether you’re putting this in your room or a tent, you have to consider space. You can’t fit a king size bed in a solo tent, and it’s a waste buying a twin if your bed frame is made for a queen size mattress. Just like any addition to your home, the space you have left determines the maximum and minimum size of an air bed you can buy. Make sure to do your measurements or check out what the available sizes are for the particular style of air bed you want.

You also have to consider if there would be enough space to accommodate the people who will be sleeping on it. Remember that a twin size can only fit one comfortably. If you’d be sleeping alone, think about how much vacant space you want around you because a queen size can be as big as 58” x 78” inches.

How much does it cost?

Whether you’re working under a specific budget or are willing and able to spend more, make sure that you are still getting the value for your money. Some buyers compromise on comfort because they think that’s all they can afford, not necessarily looking up cheaper brands that make good quality air beds. There are also those who would compromise on size, fitting two people in a tiny twin bed, just to buy a premium brand. Again, there are a lot options. Just settle on a price point, list down your non-negotiables, and keep looking until you find one that’s reasonable. Spending some money on a bad-quality air bed is not only uncomfortable, but also a waste of money.