How A Mattress Can Impact The Quality Of Your Sleep

The number one priority for most people is getting a good night sleep. According to a study, a low quality mattress is the major cause of sleeplessness and insomnia. A mattress that is too soft or too firm can impact the quality of your sleep significantly as well as your functionality during the day. Most studies have determined that medium firm mattresses are the best for a good night sleep but unfortunately, there is no way to standardize the meaning of medium-firm.

To an overweight person, a firm mattress may feel soft while the same mattress may feel firm to a person weighing less. For this reason, a person’s weight plays a major role when selecting the right mattress.

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How a quality mattress impacts the quality of sleep

We all pass through different stages when sleeping. Once we fall asleep, the skeletal muscle that supports our back relax and we lose support to the spine. Therefore, the right mattress should be supportive to the spine.

In order to get sufficient sleep and wake up free from body aches and pain, the body should be aligned properly when sleeping. The right mattress should be able to support a neutral position of the body so that the spine has a good curvature while the rest of the body is well supported and in proper alignment.

A firm mattress is not the best choice as it makes the body to put pressure heavily on some body parts leading to pain when you wake up. Conversely, a mattress that is too soft makes the body to flop downwards into the mattress and some body parts will not get the support they need again leading to body pains and aches.

As stated above, every person has varying mattress needs. Certain conditions may call for a softer or firmer mattress than others. It is just a matter of identifying your body needs prior to purchasing a mattress and ensuring that it offers you the right support.

What to look for when buying a new mattress

With plethora types of mattresses in the market, it can be quite difficult to determine the type of mattress that will be right for you. You should not purchase just any medium firm mattress because it is the most recommended. Keep in mind that each person’s pressure points are more or less sensitive than another person’s. Therefore, the only way you can be sure that you are indeed buying the right mattress is to try it out.

While at the store, lay down on the mattress and pay attention to what you are feeling. Sleep experts state that if you do not experience any discomfort and feel as though there is nothing supporting you, then it is the right mattress for you. Of course, you will feel the mattress beneath you but there should be no tender or painful areas resulting from laying on the bed.

Some people have allergies that can disrupt sleep. Allergens can sometimes cause breathing problems so that a person experiences coughing spells with sniffles throughout the night. If allergies cause you to wake up in the night, ensure you purchase a mattress that is covered with a hypoallergenic fabric.